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Art deco ring – onyx and marcasites – Chevalière model


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This stunning silver art deco ring, adorned with marcasites and an onyx stone, is a symbol of assurance and tranquility. It is renowned for its numerous calming virtues. By wearing this piece of jewelry, you can balance the energies of your body through the presence of marcasite.
> Material and stone : silver, onyx, marcasites
> Dimensions : 1.2 cm (length) x 1.5 cm (width)
> Gift box and pouch included
> One-year warranty against any manufacturing defects
> Hypoallergenic ring

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An Art Deco silver ring, adorned with an onyx stone, designed to enhance the energy of the root chakra.

Discover this magnificent vintage-style ring that embodies the elegance of Art Deco. Its splendor is striking and will illuminate your hand, instilling undeniable confidence in your gaze. Made of silver, this ring is crowned with a remarkably brilliant onyx stone.

Contrary to medieval beliefs, lithotherapists attribute numerous qualities to onyx. Regarded as the stone of stability and reinforcement, it is closely associated with the root chakra located at the base of the spine. Onyx contributes to strengthening self-esteem, self-confidence, and body control. It brings stability to individuals with fluctuating personalities and provides them with the necessary strength to face life's challenges. Moreover, it acts as a catalyst for successful meditation, aiding in the search for one's desires and enhancing the perception of the true nature of things.

Onyx also possesses protective virtues for teeth and the mouth. It facilitates speech in cases of excessive speed or lack of control and can assist in resolving vocal problems. Additionally, it enhances resistance to cold and improves the functioning of the five senses. In particular, it acts on ear issues such as balance problems, inner ear conditions, and tinnitus.

A magnificent ring adorned with marcasite crystals, a true source of luck and happiness

The marcasite stone, reflecting the energy of gold, possesses properties that promote success, happiness, and power. Its energetic vibrations and solar radiance open the mind to creativity, instilling confidence and determination to face life's challenges. It is renowned for attracting universal energies and promoting physical well-being by stimulating positive energies within the body. It is also known for its effectiveness in identifying sources of concern and can be useful in addressing psychosomatic issues or traumas by focusing on their origin.

In addition to these aspects, marcasite has protective properties against contagious diseases such as the flu, colds, viruses, skin issues, and fungal infections. When exposed to divine light, this stone becomes beautiful and powerful for healing emotional wounds.

With its positive nature, marcasite has a soothing effect on discouraged individuals. It proves extremely helpful in overcoming periods of unhappiness and desolation, reducing anxiety and frustration. Lastly, the stone enables one to gain perspective on problems and reveal their underlying causes. With the numerous benefits of the stones composing this ring, you can take control of your daily activities and let your star shine.