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Art deco ring – genuine mother of pearl – Aphrodite model


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Are you in search of an accessory to enhance your outfit for an evening event? This exquisite art deco ring adorned with a mother-of-pearl stone is the perfect choice. Not only is it irresistibly beautiful, but this ring also possesses numerous calming virtues. With the presence of mother-of-pearl in this piece of jewelry, you can open your solar plexus chakra.
> Material and stone : silver, mother of pearl, zirconium oxide
> Dimensions : 1.4 cm (length) x 1.4 cm (width)
> Gift box and pouch included
> One-year warranty against any manufacturing defects
> Hypoallergenic ring

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This art deco ring is adorned with a mother-of-pearl stone that possesses numerous therapeutic virtues

Mother-of-pearl, a semi-precious stone, is distinguished by its magnificent iridescent reflections. Unlike other minerals, it is synthesized by mollusks. Mother-of-pearl is often used to create very special jewelry, as it is soft, tender, and evokes tenderness. In addition to its aesthetic qualities, it has the ability to soften the character of the wearer.

Regarding its effects on the physical level, mother-of-pearl helps open the solar plexus chakra and facilitates the circulation of fluids in the body, making it beneficial for blood circulation. On the psychological level, it soothes anxieties, angers, tensions, mood swings, and excessive emotional states, thus acting as a powerful mood regulator. Moreover, mother-of-pearl promotes concentration, aiding in clearer and calmer thinking.

Mother-of-pearl is particularly useful for those who need concentration, whether for work or meditation. According to legend, it stimulates creativity, open-mindedness, and imagination, which is beneficial for individuals with an artistic soul or working in the fields of marketing and communication. If you place a mother-of-pearl stone on your bedside table, it can promote deep sleep. So, enjoy a peaceful night by placing your mother-of-pearl ring near your bed.

Gorgeous vintage-style ring, a stunning band with exceptional protective qualities

This exquisite Art Deco ring is made from cubic zirconia, giving it a brilliance similar to that of a diamond. It is highly regarded as a piece of jewelry, and its combination with the smoothness of mother-of-pearl is simply sublime.

Mother-of-pearl, with its positive energy, has a soothing effect on individuals who feel discouraged, anxious, or frustrated. It provides comfort and empowers one to confront the challenges and difficulties of life. This accessory encourages the wearer to tap into their inner strength and combat inertia and procrastination.

To take care of your ring and keep it perfect in your jewelry box, we recommend gently polishing it with a clean, soft cloth.