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All our jewelry is made of solid silver. It is genuine silver, known as sterling silver (925/0000).

This metal does not rust, neither over time nor when in contact with water. However, impurities may accumulate on your jewelry during use. To prevent this and keep it in perfect condition, we provide you with some maintenance tips.

I. Even though water does not affect your jewelry, we recommend avoiding wearing it in the shower or at the beach.

II. Avoid contact with chemicals or perfumes as much as possible. We suggest applying perfume before putting on your necklace.

III. Handle your jewelry delicately, especially when putting on or removing earrings.

IV. We provide a pouch with each of our jewelry pieces. Therefore, when you’re not wearing it, we recommend storing each piece in its case. This will protect the jewelry from potential impacts and keep it safe from heat and humidity.

V. Lastly, when you notice impurities on the silver, we advise cleaning your jewelry with a soft, dry cloth (such as a chamois or microfiber cloth). This simple action will restore the silver’s shine.

You are now ready to take care of your jewelry and keep them for a long time.

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