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Art deco ring – mother of pearl – Electra model


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Are you captivated by the Electra model ? Come and rediscover this magnificent ring adorned with three genuine mother-of-pearl. As the best-seller of our art deco ring collection, its elegance will not go unnoticed. The perfect combination of silver and the white stone makes this piece of jewelry a must-have for your everyday life.
> Material and stone : silver, mother of pearl
> Dimensions : 1.4 cm (length) x 1.9 cm (width)
> Gift box and pouch included
> One-year warranty against any manufacturing defects
> Hypoallergenic ring

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The delightful bold and timeless art deco ring

The vintage and retro style is back in fashion, bringing character and elegance to your outfits. Treat yourself to the pleasure of wearing this hypoallergenic art deco ring that complements any style. The combination of mother-of-pearl and silver creates neutral and subtle tones that you can match with the color of your choice.

The design adapts slightly to the contemporary era while retaining a complex and cubic shape with small prongs. Jewelers have reduced the size of the ring compared to the original while making it more remarkable than standard-sized rings.

The stones are finely cut. The rings can be set with precious gemstones such as diamond, ruby, emerald, and sapphire. They can also be adorned with semi-precious stones like onyx, aquamarine, amethyst, quartz, lapis lazuli, citrine, blue topaz, amazonite, turquoise, moonstone, tourmaline, etc. A more affordable option would be a version in gold-plated or silver-plated with cubic zirconia stones. However, note that it is possible to customize your jewelry with the stones of your choice.

Mother-of-pearl has the ability to regulate mood

If you wish to enhance your jewelry collection, this silver ring for women is the perfect accessory. It pairs beautifully with discreet earrings, a delicate silver necklace, a cuff bracelet, or a matching pendant.

Furthermore, it's an excellent gift idea for a loved one as it comes in a beautiful box accompanied by a pouch and an authenticity certificate. This provides an even more appealing presentation than a simple case. Additionally, the ring size is adjustable to perfectly fit your finger, eliminating any hesitation.

The presence of mother-of-pearl in this ring brings virtues that can help you overcome your fears and anxieties. By wearing it every day, you will experience a sense of well-being and lightness. You will feel more comfortable in your own skin, able to assert yourself and express yourself without fearing judgment from others. Moreover, mother-of-pearl can strengthen your intuition and promote an open-mindedness. It would be wise to pair it with other jewelry pieces to create a harmonious ensemble, or even consider using it as an engagement ring.

A vintage ring adorned with genuine mother-of-pearl

The tank ring is a remarkably beautiful piece of jewelry that instantly captivates with its retro style. Originally designed in the 1940s, a period marked by an economic crisis following the war, the first rings of this type were created. Jewelers envisioned an imposing ring that somewhat resembled large machinery, hence its name. However, despite its substantial size, it retains sculptural lines and refinement that give it a rare elegance.

During that time, owning objects and accessories of large size symbolized power and dominance. Prestigious individuals competed by showcasing big cars, vast mansions, and impressive jewelry. Men wore large platinum or yellow gold rings adorned with gemstones, complemented by tank watches, thus reminiscent of signet rings.

Jewelry designers also created a version of the tank ring for women, both sensual and warrior-like. They drew inspiration from icons of the 1930s, such as Hedy Lamarr, who was considered the most beautiful woman in the world at that time. Hedy Lamarr, an Austrian actress and engineer, embodied beauty, intelligence, and independence.