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Art deco ring – natural green agate – Electra model


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Discover this exquisite piece from our tank ring collection. Adorned with three natural green agates, this ring will allow you to enjoy the numerous benefits of this gemstone. The stunning emerald hue of the agate will add a dynamic touch to your look.
> Material and stone : silver, green agate
> Dimensions : 1.4 cm (length) x 1.9 cm (width)
> Gift box and pouch included
> One-year warranty against any manufacturing defects
> Hypoallergenic ring

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French product

The art deco ring with a sculptural design

If you are looking for a ring, this remarkable piece of jewelry features a post Art Deco design that stands out with its intricate and unique geometric shapes. Its cubist style also recalls the works of Picasso, an artist whose talent was recognized in the post-war era and has been a source of inspiration for many. The tank ring is appreciated for its lines, volume, and the architectural work dedicated to it.

Today, this retro-style ring is intended for individuals who wish to assert their individuality and stand out. It will add a touch of rock and modernity to your outfit. It is important to note that the vintage trend has been very popular for some time. If you have a classic and simple style, this ring will allow you to add a touch of originality to it.

This piece of jewelry, adorned with semi-precious stones, can be worn on your thumb or index finger for a more pronounced effect. You can also pair it with other delicate and discreet jewelry to avoid an overloaded look. Its 925 sterling silver band is hypoallergenic, so you have nothing to worry about in that regard. Furthermore, this ring is adjustable down to the millimeter and will be delivered to you with a pouch, a beautiful box, and a certificate of authenticity.

The ring adorned with green agate, a jewelry heavy with meaning

The tank ring features an original design with three carefully cut genuine green agates. The side agates have a slightly rounded shape that enhances the faceted cut of the central stone. This piece of jewelry attracts attention with its soothing and refreshing color. Green is very trendy today as it symbolizes balance, luck, and growth. It's not surprising that you find it irresistible.

Green agate, reminiscent of emerald, possesses virtues that can harmonize your energy balance. It is associated with your heart chakra and stimulates love, tenderness, and compassion. This will promote better relationships with those around you as well as improved self-esteem.

Green agate is also a healing stone that works on both illnesses and injuries. Its calming properties provide a sense of serenity known to uplift spirits. Thus, it will strengthen your immune system. By wearing this ring daily, you will be protected against fevers, colds, and inflammations.

A jewel with a historical design

This superb 925 silver ring is a highly sought-after vintage model at the moment. When one hears the term "tank," it evokes something massive and heavy, just like tanks. This piece of jewelry reflects that concept by drawing attention with its imposing shape, elegance, and refinement. It will become an essential accessory for your outfit as it will not go unnoticed.

The "tank" ring was introduced in the world of jewelry around 1935 and refers to a historical period in France. This era was marked by power and military domination in Europe. Large accessories and objects expressed prestige. Vehicles, buildings, and jewelry were part of it. At the time, this ring was made of yellow gold, rose gold, or gold-plated, adorned with gemstones such as sapphire, quartz, ruby, or semi-precious stones like lapis lazuli, aquamarine, etc.

It is suitable for both men, as a signet ring, and women. You can add it to your jewelry collection. This imposing and elegant ring is suitable for all occasions. "Tank" watches were also highly appreciated in the past.