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Art deco marquise ring : green agate & shining silver – Marquise model


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Treat yourself to the timeless luxury of Art Deco with this marquise ring featuring green agate and marcasites. An exquisite piece that embodies the sophistication and glamour of that refined era.
> Material and stone : silver, green agate, marcasite
> Gift box and pouch included
> One-year warranty against any manufacturing defects
> Hypoallergenic ring

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Art deco marquise ring : fusion of shimmering silver and mystical green agate

The pursuit of jewelry is not just about its beauty, but also about the history and experience it encapsulates. Inspired by the elegance of the 1920s, this marquise ring merges Art Deco style with the timeless splendor of green agate, offering a truly unique piece.

The essence of elegance and history

Marquise rings, with their ageless charm, embody the grandeur of bygone eras. Each ring represents a story, a time, an art.

Silver, chosen for its sparkling shimmer, adds a vintage dimension, further enhanced by the majesty of the green agate.

Agate, reminiscent of the mystical hues of an ancient forest, stands out as the ultimate gem among precious stones.

A refined design : the Meeting of past and present

The silver marquise ring combines vintage design with contemporary touches and adorns a stunning green agate cabochon.

The craftspeople engraved intricate details in the silver to add additional sophistication, and they meticulously shaped the green agate to unveil its full splendor.

Specifications : the promise of excellence

Crafted from solid silver and green agate chosen for its depth and beauty, each ring is designed to last.

Available in various sizes, it can be engraved for unique personalization, ensuring a perfect fit.
More than jewelry : a declaration of love for art

This ring offers a unique distinction, showcasing the power and beauty of the art of jewelry making.
Perfect for all occasions, it reflects the refined taste of its wearer.

Green agate : a jewel of nature

People often view green agate as the gem of rebirth and know it for its calming properties that harmonize energy. Its deep and captivating shades range from moss green to emerald green, reminiscent of the verdancy of ancient forests. Each stone is unique, with its sinuous patterns narrating a tale as old as time. Beyond its natural beauty, green agate is reputed to stabilize the aura by eliminating and transforming negative energies. It also opens the mind to greater inspiration and heightened spirituality.

In jewelry, it is not only chosen for its brilliance but also for the balance and luck it is believed to bestow upon its wearer. Pairing this precious stone with a marquise ring combines the elegance of the past with the profound serenity this marvelous gem offers.