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Art deco ring in silver adorned with mother-of-pearl – Mani model


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The imposing presence of this ring is hard to overlook. Its intricate design, inspired by Art Deco, stands out for its refinement and sophistication. The iridescent mother-of-pearl adorning the center of the ring creates an enchanting play of colors, captivating all who gaze upon it. The sparkling marcasites that surround it add a subtle touch of brilliance, further enhancing its charm.
> Material and stone : silver, mother-of-pearl, marcasites
> Dimensions : 2.7 cm (length) x 1.6 cm (width)
> Gift box and pouch included
> One-year warranty against any manufacturing defects
> Hypoallergenic ring

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A luxurious journey to the past with our art deco ring

An elegant witness to a bygone era traveling through time, exploring the elegant epoch of the 1920s with our art deco silver ring, immerses you in a universe where craftsmanship meets the sublime. This is more than a mere jewel ; it's an emblem, where each delicate geometric motif and each glimmer of precious metal attest to an era and an authentic history.

When mother-of-pearl meets solid silver

The delicacy of the mother-of-pearl, a sumptuous gift from the ocean, harmoniously intertwined with solid silver, makes this ring a gentle, sturdy, and infinitely graceful masterpiece. Designed with meticulous attention to detail, it conveys not only a subtle robustness but also a finesse that charms every observer.

Revitalize the sparkle with marcasites

Marcasites, with their ancient charm and discreet brilliance, bring an additional dimension to this jewel, enhancing its splendor with a shimmering glimpse that captivates and intrigues.

Depth, dimensions, and authentication of the jewel precious

Materials : The use of solid silver and natural mother-of-pearl is no coincidence. These materials, synonymous with quality and durability, ensure that every piece from our jewelery stands out for its excellence.

This silver ring for women offers a spectacle for the eyes. Designers ensured it's delightful to wear. It provides a comfortable fit. The ring gives a radiant presence to every hand it graces.

Certification of authenticity : Eevery ring comes with a personalized case and a certificate of authenticity, thus validating our jewelry expertise and guaranteeing undeniable quality.

Why choose this art deco ring

A jewel that tells a story : Each ring is not just a jewel but a precious gift idea, a declaration of love, friendship, or admiration, capable of telling a unique story and transcending time with its beauty. Ethics and sustainability : We are committed to an ethical and sustainable approach, ensuring that each women's jewel not only lasts a lifetime but is also produced respecting strict ethical standards.

More than a symbol : This solitaire ring is not just an accessory. It is a symbol of love and admiration. It represents a tangible sentiment. The moment is preserved in the sparkle of silver and mother-of-pearl.

Genuine mother-of-pearl : essence of the ocean in a commanding ring

Discover the subtle enchantment of genuine mother-of-pearl. Experience its lush beauty in our art deco silver ring. The piece is sure to impress. It has volume and an imposing character. Mother-of-pearl, with its iridescent reflections and discreet elegance, wonderfully captures the lush spirit and singular brilliance of the 20s, a period when Art Deco flourished.

Mother-of-pearl, often described as "mermaid tears," emanates a magic and magnificence that transcend time and fashion. It comes from the deep and mysterious waters of the ocean. Shells create it slowly, layer by layer. This process takes years. The material has seduced and captivated jewelers for centuries.

Each fragment of genuine mother-of-pearl on your ring provides a fascinating tableau of melodious and changing colors. The pale pink, soft blue, and cream tones are mesmerizing. They create a visual dance on the jewel's surface. Light reflects differently with every hand movement. This ensures that people will not merely see your ring but admire it, wherever you go.

Our Art Deco ring is made of genuine mother-of-pearl

It's not just a jewel. It's a tribute to the art of the old world. It marries the exquisiteness of a bygone era with the finesse of modern creation. The incorporation of mother-of-pearl into our design not only serves to beautify but also establishes a tangible connection with the natural beauty and mystical glow of the ocean.

This element of luxury is skillfully set in our silver ring for women, enveloping your finger with a halo of grace and nobility. Genuine mother-of-pearl is a treasure of nature. Every piece is unmatched and unique in its beauty. Your jewel is not just a style choice. It's also a personal statement of exclusivity.

The meticulous work was performed to stage this pearlescent spectacle. The ring is commanding. It demonstrates masterful craftsmanship. There's an unwavering attention to detail. This guarantees you not only a beautifully crafted jewel but also a piece of jewelry that tells a story – a moment captured from the Art Deco era, harmoniously blended with the natural wonder of mother-of-pearl.

Navigating between robust presence and unparalleled delicacy, this art deco ring is not merely a jewel; it becomes a celebration of luxury, history, and natural majesty, sublimely harmonizing with the dreams of lovers of extraordinary jewelry.