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Art deco ring – set with crystal – Princess model


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At the heart of the radiant love story, a silver ring set with a princess-cut diamond shines brightly. It is much more than a mere piece of jewelry; it is a pure symbol of commitment and eternal affection. This ring captures the majestic spirit of a modern fairy tale.
> Material and stone : genuine silver, cristal, zirconium oxide
> Dimensions : 1.3 cm (length) x 1.2 cm (width)
> Gift box and pouch included
> One-year warranty against any manufacturing defects
> Hypoallergenic ring

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French product

A revived art deco ring

At the heart of a silver shimmer, a ring adorned with crystal emerges like a sparkling jewel. Each facet of this precious crystal captures the light, giving birth to a dazzling play of reflections. A perfect alliance between the timeless elegance of silver and the purity of crystal, this ring embodies beauty at its zenith.

Its meticulous artisanal craftsmanship reveals an exquisite design, where the artisans carefully consider every detail. They delicately shape the smooth and polished silver, crowning it with a sparkling crystal that captures the sun's rays. The refined brilliance of this ring seduces every gaze upon it.

But this ring goes beyond mere adornment. It is also a gift filled with profound meanings, ideal for engagements. Offering this ring is a testimony of pure and eternal love, a commitment to share a life together. It symbolizes the eternal radiance of emotions and the strong union between two souls that have found each other.

Whether to sparkle in everyday life or to mark an unforgettable moment in life, this silver ring adorned with crystal is a divinely perfect choice. It is the ultimate expression of beauty, femininity, and true love. Once worn, it captures gazes and hearts, radiating a unique brilliance that cannot leave anyone indifferent.

A stunning vintage-style ring, an exquisite band adorned with protective properties

Crystal, with its magnificent reflections reminiscent of diamonds, is easily recognizable. It is used in the crafting of exceptional jewelry that possesses unique characteristics. Generally associated with softness and femininity, it also evokes tenderness. This precious material has the ability to temper the personality of its wearer, bringing a certain gentleness.

This ring is made from crystal and cubic zirconia, stones renowned for their numerous benefits. Traditionally, they are associated with a sense of absolute well-being. They have the ability to attract universal energies and promote the spread of positive energies in the physical world.

The positive energy of this stone soothes individuals who feel discouraged, anxious, or frustrated. It provides comfort and courage to face the trials and difficulties of life. Besides it encourages the wearer to tap into their inner strength, to combat inertia and procrastination. It helps find one's place in the world and provides the courage to be oneself. It guides the wearer on their personal path.