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Art deco ring – lapis lazuli – Electra model


The Electra art deco ring is adorned with a beautiful lapis lazuli at the center, surrounded by two mother-of-pearls on the sides. This fusion of two authentic stones creates a harmonious union. Allow yourself to be captivated by the small golden inclusions present on the lapis lazuli.
> Material and stone : silver, lapis lazuli, mother of pearl
> Dimensions : 1.4 cm (length) x 1.9 cm (width)
> Gift box and pouch included
> One-year warranty against any manufacturing defects
> Hypoallergenic ring

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The art deco ring : a jewelry piece inspired by the past

The tank ring is a vintage piece of jewelry dating back to the 1940s, designed by the jewelers and craftsmen of that era to symbolically represent the wartime period. This piece of jewelry aimed to be both imposing and luxurious. It stood out due to its weight and unusual geometric lines, instantly capturing attention. Made of yellow gold or platinum, the ring was adorned with precious gemstones or large precious stones such as diamonds, rubies, emeralds, blue sapphires, or pink sapphires.

This extraordinary ring served as a source of inspiration for the icons of the time, symbolizing prestige. Among these icons, we can mention Edith Madeleine Caroll, a famous English actress who embodied femininity in all its splendor with her aristocratic blondness and sophisticated allure.

The tank ring : an original design adorned with lapis lazuli and mother-of-pearl

This solid silver ring, adorned with a lapis lazuli in the center and two small mother-of-pearl shells on the sides, is a timeless piece of jewelry that you can wear every day. The unsuspected virtues of these authentic stones are remarkable. Lapis lazuli is particularly beneficial for the respiratory system, providing energetic support for those suffering from asthma. It harnesses the energy of water to enhance breath and alleviate inflammation. On the other hand, mother-of-pearl improves blood circulation and softens one's character.

This beautiful solid silver ring, embellished with lapis lazuli and mother-of-pearl, is an ideal gift to consider. Its charm is further enhanced by its two-tone appearance. We will present it to you in a lovely pouch accompanied by an elegant box. Furthermore, you will be delighted to learn that it is adjustable to fit your finger size.

If you are looking for more options to complement the color of your hair, eyes, complexion, or manicure, we offer a wide range of jewelry that may satisfy your preferences. Our collection includes a variety of semi-precious stones such as amethyst, agate, quartz, topaz, peridot, citrine, moonstone, and labradorite. You will also find signet rings for men and beautiful engagement rings among our selections.

The solid silver jewel

Currently, the tank ring model has undergone modernization while retaining its vintage character. It is now easier to wear while maintaining its complex and sculptural design. Additionally, the ring is still made from precious metals such as white gold, gray gold, or rose gold, but solid silver is also highly valued. This original accessory suits all styles.

The solid silver ring is hypoallergenic and adorned with lapis lazuli and mother-of-pearl ornaments. It will delight bold women who want to express their style and personality. It adds a touch of dynamism to classic, understated outfits. For an accessory to become a standout piece, it needs to be dominant and striking, just like this tank ring.