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Art deco radiance : silver ring with amazonite – Neptune model


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Discover the timeless splendor of our Art Deco Silver Ring, a work of art that is both elegant and fascinating. This exquisite ring is adorned with a genuine amazonite, a gemstone of enchanting beauty known for its soothing shades of green that evoke the serenity of nature.
The elegance of this ring is enhanced by the addition of sparkling marcasites, creating a magnificent contrast with the gentle color of the amazonite.
> Material and stone : silver, amazonite and marcasite
> Dimensions : 1.3 cm (length) x 1 cm (width)
> Gift box and pouch included
> One-year warranty against any manufacturing defects
> Hypoallergenic ring

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A journey into the Golden Age of jewelry

Delve into the luxury of the 1920s with this art deco silver ring, inspired by the glamour of sparkling evenings. Representing the pinnacle of jewelry, this gem is an ode to the lavish period where creativity met craftsmanship.

Pure silver : the lunar reflection

Like a selenite glow, solid silver traces every contour of this ring, sealing its fame as the favored material of exceptional artisans.

Amazonite and marcasite : a duo of brilliance

Amazonite, evoking the serenity of oceanic depths, meets the sparkle of marcasites to transform this ring into a true visual symphony.

Product specifications

Precision and finesse

Cut to perfection, this lady's ring is forged in 92.5% silver. It boasts harmonious proportions and a balanced weight. The meticulously chosen gemstones add to its aura.

Art deco masterpiece

Every detail, every gem, merges into a creation inspired by Art Deco, combining innovation with tradition.

Stamp of authenticity

We commit to the origin and exceptional quality of every component, making this ring more than just jewelry, a story.

Product benefits

Timeless beauty

The magic of Art Deco transcends ages. Wear a piece of history that will always shine on your finger.

Unique radiance

Stand out from the crowd. The alloy of silver, amazonite, and marcasite gives this ring an extraordinary luminosity.

Utmost comfort

Solid silver is a caress for the skin, ensuring this ring is the ideal companion even for delicate skin.

Amazonite : the gem of a thousand sparkles

Amazonite, with its soft shades reminiscent of the clear waters of tropical rivers, is more than just a stone. This gem is a true treasure of nature.

Origins and legends

Often associated with the powerful Amazon, from which it derives its name, Amazonite is shrouded in mystery and legends. According to ancient beliefs, this stone offered protection and foresight to its wearers, making it essential for warriors before their battles.

Properties and meanings

Many often see Amazonite as the stone of hope and courage. It is renowned for harmonizing energies, calming minds, and enhancing intuition. Its gentle and soothing vibrations make it a sought-after stone in lithotherapy, especially for those looking to reduce stress and find inner balance.

Harmony with Art Deco

Its soft glow and unique color fit perfectly into the Art Deco aesthetic. When set beside marcasite, amazonite brings a touch of freshness and elegance, making this ring not just jewelry, but a wearable piece of art.