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Vintage opal sparkle ring : the essence of the Roaring Twenties – Olympe model


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Discover the charm of yesteryear brought up to date. Made from pure 925 silver, this ring exemplifies the delicate craftsmanship of the past. Its central opal, with its shifting reflections, recalls the mysteries of stormy skies, sometimes blue, sometimes green, sometimes purple. Every ray of light that grazes it unveils a new aspect of its beauty.
Marcasites, these small black and shiny stones, surround the opal, imbuing it with an aura of radiance and mystery. Their subtle and refined glow evokes the stars of a moonless night.
> Material and stone : silver, opal and marcasites
> Dimensions : 1.8 cm (length) x 2 cm (width)
> Gift box and pouch included
> One-year warranty against any manufacturing defects
> Hypoallergenic ring

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Vintage silver ring : an ageless jewel evoking the splendor of the Roaring Twenties

Immerse yourself in the Art Deco era with this stunning vintage silver ring set with opal and marcasite. Its ageless shimmer and vintage allure captivate instantly, blending history with elegance.

History and vintage charm : A journey through time

Let yourself be transported to the Roaring Twenties. Slipping on this ring, it's as if you're dancing in Gatsby's glittering soirées. The mesmerizing central opal is exquisitely framed by sparkling marcasites, creating an aura of nostalgia.

Prestigious craftsmanship : the art of vintage jewelry

Crafted in solid silver, this ring embodies the perfect combination of durability and delicacy. The mystical opal, with its shifting reflections, harmoniously pairs with the marcasites, evoking the sophistication of yesteryear's jewelry.

Authentic design : wearable art

More than just a setting, it's a declaration of love for the art of jewelry-making. Every detail, from the oval design to the intricate patterns, mirrors the unmatched craftsmanship of the jeweler.

Technical specifications of the ring

Material : high-quality sterling silver 925
Main stone: natural cabochon opal with mesmerizing reflections
Accents : sparkling marcasites, for added brilliance.

Each ring comes in a sophisticated case, accompanied by a certificate of authenticity verifying the purity of the gemstones and the ethical origin of the silver. To ensure your ring maintains its luster and beauty, avoid contact with chemicals and follow our care recommendations.

Why choose this vintage silver ring ?

Timeless elegance : pairs perfectly with any outfit, be it modern or classic
A symbol of individuality : showcase your inclination for unique and distinct jewelry
A true investment : a piece of jewelry made to last, thanks to the quality of materials used.

Opal : a gem of a thousand reflections

Opal is more than just a gem : it's a journey through colors, a natural kaleidoscope shifting hues depending on the viewing angle and light. It's mystical, whimsical, and each piece is unique. Its origins trace back millions of years when rain filled the ancient rock's crevices. As it dried, the silica left behind formed this magnificent gemstone.

Origin and legend

Celebrated through the ages, opal was once seen as a symbol of fidelity and assurance, believed to bring good luck. Ancient Romans revered it as the emblem of hope and purity, believing it could preserve the blonde hue of hair. In Australian Aboriginal culture, where most of the world's opals come from, it's intertwined with creation legends and is considered the stone capturing the rainbow's beauty.

Captivating play-of-color

What truly sets the opal apart is its play-of-color : an internal dance of lights capturing a dazzling range of shades. From fiery red to emerald green to cobalt blue, opal is nature's spectacle. Every stone is an individual piece of art.

Opal's symbolism in jewelry

In jewelry, opal often symbolizes passion, love, desirability, and eroticism. It's perfect for those wanting a standout piece, a jewel with its own voice. In this vintage ring, the opal doesn't play a supporting role. It's the centerpiece, framed by twinkling marcasites, amplifying its natural beauty and adding another dimension to its already impressive play-of-color.

Thus, opal is more than a gemstone. It's a statement, a symbol, and a tale, all in one stone. In this vintage silver ring set with opal and marcasite, it stands as the design's very heart, echoing the grandeur and elegance of bygone times while remaining timeless.