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Elegant art deco ring : amazonite & marcasite sparkles – Hestia model


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Discover embodied elegance with our pure silver art deco ring. Set with the claws of a sublime natural amazonite, this gem with soothing freshwater hues is encircled by a constellation of sparkling marcasites. Each marcasite has been meticulously selected for its brilliance and luster, evoking the stars in the night sky.
> Material and stone : silver, amazonite and marcasite
> Dimensions : 1.3 cm (length) x 1.2 cm (width)
> Gift box and pouch included
> One-year warranty against any manufacturing defects
> Hypoallergenic ring

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Art deco ring : the radiance of vintage years

Discover the legacy of the 1920s with this magnificent art deco ring. A majestic union of solid silver, deep blue glowing amazonite, and sparkling marcasite. Every element of this piece speaks to the refinement and elegance of a bygone era.

Jewelry description

History and poetry : immerse yourself in the dances and glittering nights of the 1920s. The geometric design of this ring, with the azure blue of the amazonite illuminated by the fires of marcasite, is a tribute to the Art Deco era.

True inspiration : directly inspired by the Art Deco period, this piece captures the essence of the era with its geometric patterns, the shine of solid silver, and the harmony of precious stones.

Artisanal quality : made of pure silver, the ring is beautifully highlighted by the central amazonite, framed by delicate marcasite motifs. A promise of quality and authenticity.

Product specifications

Exquisite details : created for women who appreciate art, it is made of 925/1000 silver and adorned with a natural amazonite with oceanic reflections. The inlays of marcasite shine with a subtle glow.

Perfectly fitted : available in multiple sizes, from the smallest to the largest, it harmoniously adapts to your hand, ensuring elegance and comfort.

Simple maintenance : to maintain its brilliance, gently clean with a soft cloth and avoid contact with chemical substances.

Product highlights

Timeless elegance : this ring is more than jewelry, it's a work of art that blends vintage aesthetics with modernity, ensuring a timeless look.

Virtues of amazonite : more than a precious stone, people know amazonite for its soothing properties, acting as a shield against negative waves.

Assured durability : crafted with passion, this ring is made to last, offering you a treasure that can be passed down from generation to generation.

The history and virtues of amazonite

Amazonite, often called the "stone of brave warriors", is a blue-green gem full of mystery. It takes its name from the Amazon River, where some of the first stones of this kind were discovered. Although associated with this legendary river, the origin of its discovery remains a subject of debate among historians.

Symbolism and history

Various cultures have used amazonite as an ornament and healing tool over the centuries. The ancient Egyptians revered it and crafted ornaments like amulets from it. These were often buried with the deceased, as it was believed that amazonite helped guide the soul into the afterlife.

Energetic virtues and benefits

Energetically, people know amazonite to harmonize masculine and feminine energies, thus balancing yin and yang. It's a stone that encourages honest and sincere communication. Moreover, it can help soothe the throat chakra, promoting clear expression of thoughts and emotions.
People also know its gentle vibrations to calm the soul, alleviate stress and trauma, and bring peace and tranquility to its wearer. Moreover, it has been used as a protective stone against harmful electromagnetic energies.

Connection with Art Deco

In the context of our art deco ring, amazonite not only adds a distinctive touch of color but also a rich legacy of mystery, history, and power. Paired with marcasite, this stone shines brilliantly. Solid silver adds enduring shine. Together, they provide an additional dimension to our creation. It becomes more than just jewelry. It's a story to wear.
Thus, when wearing this ring, one doesn't just adorn an exquisite work of art but also the powerful energy and ancient history of amazonite, connecting us to distant cultures and eras.