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Exquisite art deco ring : alloy of silver & blue topaz – Vénus model


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Allow yourself to be enchanted by our vintage-style ring, a creation where solid silver gently caresses the splendor of a genuine blue topaz. Every curve and detail of this piece is a tribute to the jeweler’s craftsmanship of yesteryear, while subtly evoking a discreet and luxurious modernity.
> Material and stone : silver, blue topaz, marcasites
> Dimensions : 1.2 cm (length) x 1.2 cm (width)
> Gift box and pouch included
> One-year warranty against any manufacturing defects
> Hypoallergenic ring

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An ode to elegance : the art deco ring that time-travelled

Immersion into the glamorous era of Art Deco is profound. We navigate between the nostalgia of the 1920s and modernity. Our art deco ring embodies a bygone era. It skillfully blends sophistication and originality. The design showcases refined elegance. Detail is king in its design. The design reflects a story and an artistic movement. Each wear becomes a journey through time.

Making that speaks : the secrets behind every detail each facet of this jewel bears witness to meticulous craftsmanship. The blue topaz, precious and enigmatic, captures light and gaze, surrounded by delicately inlaid marcasites in a solid silver setting, thereby invoking the grandeur and innovation of the art deco style.

More than a jewel, a timeless celebration of elegance to wear this ring is to adopt a piece that ages with grace, a timeless jewel that, beyond its aesthetics, seeks to be a special link between artistic past and your present.

The secrets of confection : exploration of specificities

Rigorous selection of materials
Enveloped by robust and luminous silver, the blue topaz and marcasites have been carefully selected and worked to blend into a visual and symbolic harmony, evoking exclusivity and luxury.

Artisan mastery in every curve
A tradition of precision and dedication roots the realization of this piece. Each stone, each curve, is thoughtfully and meticulously crafted, showcasing exquisite craftsmanship.

Maintain the splendor : ensuring the jewel's longevity
A ring designed not only to enchant but to endure. Discover our advice for preserving and enhancing this jewel over the years and generations.

Beyond aesthetics : emotional and financial investment

A brilliance that elevates your everyday
More than a simple accessory, this ring becomes an extension of your aura, elevating every gesture with its discreet yet remarkable presence.

A value both symbolic and monetary investing in this jewel means acquiring a piece charged with history while ensuring a stable and durable placement in quality craftsmanship.

Blue topaz : a symbol of purity and love
Let the symbolism of blue topaz, the stone of love and fidelity, accompany your days and nights, bringing a touch of mystery and protection.

The magnificence of blue topaz

A stone of mystery and elegance
People have adored the blue topaz, a symbol of elegance and mystery, through the ages for its clear beauty and soft celestial color. Embodied as peace and serenity, it adds a touch of delicacy and a focal point of exquisite color to our art deco ring. With its cool sparkle and deep radiance, blue topaz evokes a sense of daydream and escape.

Symbolism and beliefs surrounding blue topaz
The charm of blue topaz is multifaceted. It is not limited to its enchanting appearance. The appeal also extends to its rich symbolism and associated beliefs. Historically, people considered it a stone of protection. It was also seen as a soothing stone. The stone was supposed to keep its wearer safe from dangers. Additionally, it aimed to alleviate tensions and fears.. This jewel is not simply an accessory but a talisman that brings together beauty and benevolence in a single piece.

Maintaining your topaz to preserve its brilliance although blue topaz is relatively robust, it requires particular care to maintain its shine and beauty over the years. Avoid exposing it to extreme temperatures or harsh chemicals.

Blue topaz and the horizon of Art Deco
Integrating blue topaz into our art deco ring design is no coincidence. The soothing shades of topaz harmoniously blend with the geometric motifs and metallic constructions characteristic of the art deco era. The blue topaz, with its captivating sparkle and celestial color, accentuates the splendor of art deco, establishing a bridge between the luxury of the past and the finesse of the present.